12 everyday foods that are slowly killing you

What does health mean to you? While most of us can answer this question with reasonably good answers, we certainly do not practice what we preach. When talking to people, they seem to know what good eating habits are, yet, do not follow them. People may understand how important food is to the body but do not realize that there are certain kinds of foods that are harmful to the body. Some foods we consume lead us to health problems such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol, coronary or heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and even obesity, anxiety and depression which kill the body gradually. So, here’s a list of 20 foods that are lead-ways to premature death. Let’s get dietarily educated!

1. Soda


Carbonated beverages or soft drinks are one of your most exceedingly worst enemies in life. They can mess everything up, from your skin, glucose levels, to your hormones and mood. Also, research has demonstrated that drinking soft drink is associated with early menstruation and poor semen quality.

What is so awful in a soft drink? Sugar, colorants, and aspartame! Aspartame isn’t useful for the human body and ought to be kept away from. It has been connected to infertility and birth defects through DNA harm and endocrine disturbance, which prompts hormonal imbalance.

So, disregard all the marketing that a particular brand of soda is beneficial for you or it contains vitamins or nutrients that are good for your body, all of them have a lot of sugar, food dyes, and additives. Even sugar-free versions are no better as they’re stuffed with harmful artificial sweeteners. So, buy a blender or a juice maker and make your very own juice!