Why Are You Always Hot? 10 reasons .

-1-  Menopause

It’s when a woman stops having her period for good, usually around age 50. You’ll likely get “hot flashes.” These are sudden, brief increases in body temperature. Menopause may cause intense sweating, dizziness, and a racing heart. The symptoms usually start before your last period and can last for several years. If they’re severe, your doctor may suggest you manage them with hormone replacement, medications, and lifestyle changes.

-2-  Hyperthyroidism

Feeling warm? A problem with your thyroid gland could be to blame. With hyperthyroidism, the gland makes too many hormones. This speeds up the rate that your body turns fuel into energy, which makes you hot. You may be more thirsty, hungry, and sweaty and your heart may race. You also may have diarrhea or itchy rashes. Women may have lighter or skipped periods or trouble getting pregnant.

-3-  Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

It happens when a woman’s ovaries don’t make normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or release eggs on a regular basis. It may be hard to get pregnant. You also may have hot flashes and night sweats that feel the same as menopause symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you notice these problems or skipped periods, less sexual desire, and vaginal dryness.

-4-  Fever

Your body works best at around 98.6 F. Higher than that and you may have a fever, which can make you hot and sweaty. This often happens as your body tries to fight off germs like viruses or bacteria. Fluids, rest, and over-the-counter meds can help. Tell your doctor about a fever of 103 or higher or if you’re feeling worse. Go to the emergency room if you have severe symptoms like a very bad headache, stiff neck, confusion, or seizures.